Keystone Species Protecting Biodiversity

Keystone Species Protecting Biodiversity — Rebalance Earth
Keystone Species Protecting Biodiversity

Elephants do this wonderful thing of sequestering carbon in the forests of Africa.

Let’s say you want to go carbon zero, how are you going to go carbon zero?

People, I hear this all the time, people say we’re going to go carbon zero…

First of all, you don’t have any technology that right now can reduce your emissions, such that you produce zero carbon.

What we have right now, it’s available for us and although in limited supply, because there’s no markets for it is natural capital or what we call, nature-based solutions.

Such as mangroves, forest, if you like, salt marshes , sea grass and so forth. Why don’t we use the services of the elephants in the forest?

There used to be 1 million forest elephants.

These are not the Savannah elephants, and now they’re down to 100,000 because they’ve been killed, poached and they’ve lost their natural habitat.

And if we don’t do something, they’re going to disappear in the next decade or so.