Keystone Species Protecting Biodiversity — Rebalance Earth
Keystone Species Protecting Biodiversity

Elephants do this wonderful thing of sequestering carbon in the forests of Africa.

Let’s say you want to go carbon zero, how are you going to go carbon zero?

People, I hear this all the time, people say we’re going to go carbon zero…

…I’m like using what?


Join the team behind Rebalance Earth to find out more about this new initiative.

This session was run exclusively for our Guardians programme, giving you an opportunity to hear from:

The team will gave an overview of how this initiative came to be and an idea of upcoming planned projects.

Attendees also had the chance to put their burning questions to our speakers.

  • 00:00​ Introduction
  • 01:42​ How did Rebalance Earth come to be?
  • 16:11​ What’s in the pipeline?
  • 34:19​ What is the Guardian programme?
  • 39:31​ Questions & Answers
  • 58:28​ Wrap Up

Visit to find out more.

Rebalance Earth

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